Online English Tutors Wanted by Eigox

Eigox, an online English school based in JAPAN,
is seeking English tutors from around the world !!

Are you looking for a teaching job you can do from your home?
Are you interested in helping Japanese students learn English?
If you answered YES, please join us !

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[ Job Description ]

An online English language school is seeking English tutors from around the world who can
help Japanese students learn English online. You can do this job from the comfort of your home
in your free time.

- One lesson is 25 minutes, and you can schedule your lessons very flexibly.
- Tutors provide lessons according to students' choices of learning method as follows.
1)  Free talk
This is for students who wish to practice their English through a conversational class.
Topics vary from self-introduction to hobbies, cultures, travel, life, sports, work, school, science, etc.

2) Textbook-based learning
This is for students who wish to practice English formally and systematically using textbooks.

3) Using free online materials
Some students wish to practice their English using free online materials.
There are plenty of useful materials on the internet which can be accessed for free.

[ Job Requirments ]

Potential candidates should;

- Be a native speaker of English, or an excellent speaker of English as a second language.
- Have clear accent and pronunciation with good communication skills.
- Be friendly, encouraging and patient.
- Be Equipped with a wired, high-speed Internet, Skype, a headset, and a reliable computer with a webcam.
- Value punctuality and possess a strong sense of responsibility.
- Be able to provide lessons at least 10 hours per week. (e.g. 2 hours x 5 days, or 5 hours x 2 days etc.)

[ Pay Rate ]

・Filipino tutors/ Non-Native Tutors: JPY160~ per 25 minute lesson

・Native tutors/ Japanese bilingual tutors: JPY600~ per 25 minute lesson

* Pay rates could be increased gradually based on each tutor's work performance.
* As a trainee, new Filipino tutors/ non-native Tutors will receive JPY150 for the first 10 lessons.
 New native tutors/ Japanese bilingual tutors will receive 50% of their pay rate for the first 10 lessons.
* You must write a lesson review within 24 hours after the lesson.
* Payment is made monthly to your "PayPal" or "Payoneer" account.


[ How To Apply ]

1. Please make your self-introduction video. *How to make a self-introduction video
2. Fill out Eigox Application Form and attach your video.

* If you are applying for the 2nd time, DO NOT use the application form.
Please apply by sending your name and self-introduction video via email at "". We will get back to your email.

That's it!
We will check your video within 3 business days. If it looks good and meets our criteria,
you will be invited to an online interview with us.