Thank you for the nice conversation again, Kathryn.It's easy to lose track of time when I talk to you because it's so fun!! See you soon and take care of yourself.
Kathryn G.先生 01/23
I enjoyed our lesson. We looked at some cute cat pictures. It cheered me up so much. Thank you for helping me with my translation practice. See you soon!
Deborah先生 01/23
Thank you very much for the interesting news from the BBC.
Andrew B.先生 01/23
This was the first lesson with Vlada. At first I could not catch his request for contact because of my bad condition of Skype. Looking for FAQ, I finally found the way how to contact a teacher not on my contact list. There's a skype name on my booking list! So I gave a call to Vlada and we were able to start our lesson at last although I still faced a trouble about screen sharing. Vlada patiently waited for solving my skype troubles and corrected my English e-mail quickly. In spite of his photo, he is very frank and friendly teacher;-) He kindly supplemented our lesson with extra time for introducing ourselves. Thank you, Vlada. See you soon!
Vladimir K.先生 01/23
Tonight we talked about Fukuoka that CNN took up as a most innovative city in Japan. The head offices of big companies are in Tokyo. We have to create innovative cities in local areas in order to invite young people. From that viewpoint, I will pay proper attention to the future of Fukuoka.
Mark M.先生 01/23
After a small talk about our weekend, we discussed inequality of income in the world with an article about it. Under the present world situation like inauguration of Trump and hard Brexit, I have a strong interest in this topic. Frou suggested me a good topic at the right time. We talked about a relation between inequality and happiness, social change and inequality, present Japanese and Filipino income situation, factors on modern Japanese historical change of inequality, AI & robotics's future influence to unemployment, etc. I proposed to talk more about this topic and she said she would give me another related article in near future. Thank you for always giving me an interesting topic, Frou. See you soon. Take care!
Froulaine A.先生 01/23
Today we read an article about reindeer situation. It says reindeer are having a hard time to getting their food in colder winter and get pregnant earlier, which leads to smaller, weaker reindeers. This is all the effect of human-made climate change. That's sad reality but every single one of us should think about what we can do to stop it. I appreciate this kind of articles, which promote our awareness about the serioue issue we are facing. I like this article,, thank you Max!
Mark M.先生 01/23
Today we talked about how British people spend their Christmas and New Year Holidays. It was interesting as I have learned a lot from Kathryn. Then I asked about riding a bike in England. I had a good time talking with her.
Kathryn G.先生 01/23
It was very nice talking with you, see you next time ! :D Andrew is a very nice teacher with a very clear british accent, which is easy to catch. Beginners who had started learning English by the American accentmight find that slightly hard to understand, but I am sure that you'll be used to it very easily. Nowdays, even the English tests popular in Japan like the Eiken, requires people to be able to catch, understand, and find the right information from every accents. Which means, every people learning English needs to be used to every popular accents. I recommend you all to try his lesson. He taught me about the collocations today. I'm not very good at those stuff, but his explanation of that was tremendously easy to understand.
Andrew B.先生 01/23
Thank your for the lesson to my daughter. The lesson was awesome and Riana really enjoyed and she's looking forward to talking to you again soon.
Mauricio G.先生 01/23
ネイティブ・日本人・ フィリピン人講師の違いについて








多くの先生は日本人や日本文化に興味がありとてもフレンドリーなので、最初は少し緊張するかも知れませんが、レッスンを終えてみると、あっと言う間の楽しい25分だったというご感想が多いようです。初級者でも、しっかり準備をして臨めば、十分にレッスンをお楽しみ頂けると思いますよ。 (参考: 英会話初心者の方へ)


日本では、オンラインスクールの多くがフィリピン人講師専門になっている関係で、ネイティブ講師とフィリピン人講師の英語力が同等であるかのような記事をよく目にします。これは明らかに事実に反しています。(ネイティブ講師にとっては、フィリピン人も日本人も同じ『英会話の生徒』という位置づけになります。) これから英語を学ぶ皆様には、正しい認識に基づいた上でご自身のニーズにぴったり合う講師選びを行って頂ければと思います。


日本人講師の最大のメリットは、分からないところがあれば日本語で質問 & 確認できるところですね。

エイゴックスには、次のようにいろいろなタイプの講師が在籍しておりますので、ご自身のニーズに ピッタリ合った先生をお選び頂ければと思います。

1.日本生まれ & 日本育ちの先生 2.日本生まれ & 海外育ちの先生 3.海外生まれ & 海外育ちの先生

よくネイティブ講師に英語の学習方法を相談する人がいますが、これはあまり得策とは言えません。ネイティブ講師は自然に英語を身につけたので、学習経験が無いからです。生徒さんの英語レベルに関係なく『映画を字幕なしで見て下さい。』 などの答えが返ってくる場合が多いと思います。英語の学習方法は、きちんと英語を勉強して身につけられた日本人講師に相談されることをお勧めします。





如何でしょうか?エイゴックスでは、 『高品質 x 低価格』 でのレッスン提供を中心に、 生徒様の英語学習のお役に立てるよう日々努力しております。 ぜひ皆様がオンライン英会話スクール選びを行う上での ご参考にして頂ければ幸いです。