He lives in Washington and went to the inauguration. It was so fun to hear about it and his talk with his classmates. I want to be able to talk about any topics.
Angelo D.先生 01/22
Thank you very much for your lesson. My daughter likes your lesson very much. She is looking forward to next lesson. See you again!
Arantxa C.先生 01/22
I enjoyed your lesson. We talked about a stray cat walking near my house. Thank you very much! See you soon!
Deborah先生 01/21
First I asked Richard to give me some advises to improve my English e-mail, again. After that, I asked him to tell me about his UN projects. But I had a lapse of memory of the country he worked for and prepared for other country's history. Richard kindly explained the outline of the country's history and told me his works. Today I learned the words "transitional government", "warlord", "militant factions" etc. I'm sorry to remember wrong and thank you for your kind explanation in spite of my mistakes, Richard. See you!
Richard R.先生 01/21
After the lesson, I bought some shoes at Amazon. In that time, I found that I was Amazon Prime Member. I paid 3,900JPY unintentionally to become Amazon Prime Member. I guess this happened when I used Free Trial Quick Delivery. I told this to my girlfriend and she said that her sister made same mistake. This is almost swindling. According to the article you introduced, Amazon head Jeff Bezos is the one of 8 richest people. I'd like to urge him to "do the right thing."
Samantha先生 01/21
I really enjoyed learning new expressions from Richrad!! I am planning to choose him next time.
Richard R.先生 01/21
Thank you very much for the fun lesson! Really I have lots of wishes..haha! See you soon teacher Inger!
Inger先生 01/21
Thanks a lot for my lesson. We enjoyed conversation about our daily life, and my and her job. I chose the hard lesson of business conversation. Hanna sensei was very kind to teach me See you again.
Earlaine先生 01/21
Today, we talk about the demerit of using internet. I found the same thing is happening in both Japan and US.It was a fun lesson again!
Mark M.先生 01/21
You are such a nice and kind teacher. Thank you so much! とても親切な熱心な先生でした。ありがとうございました。
Richard R.先生 01/21


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