When the first grade of elementary school, I always back to home with one female classmates. She lived in upper town and I lived far from there. I don’t know why, but I always drop her off in front of her home. On the way to her home, I talked many things. She was very quiet, she only smile and nod to my story. She always admired my knowledge, I was so proud that I talked all of my knowledge with no interruptions. One day our teacher announced she will move to the big city, I surprised and look at her. She was smiled as always. Few days after, she had moved. I didn’t have to take a roundabout route any more. I didn’t seen her ever after, but I remember her every time when I pass the route where we walked.
Froulaine A.先生 09/22
I'm not good at listening English.But I could get what she said.She talked clearly and slowly.Thank you so much.See you next lesson.
Joyce AN.先生 09/21
Thank you for your lesson. Today also you kindly typed different kind of things. Your teaching methods motivated me to study hard .I am looking forward to taking your lesson again. 匿名希望
Kathryn G.先生 09/21
Thank you very much for today's lesson! Thank you for correcting errors! It really good study for me! Have a great weekend! :)
Rhiannon L.先生 09/21
Through there was durable power interruption in your area, I managed to have your lessons somehow. Thank you very much, and I’m glad to see you again. The online material I chose is long, in that point, I regret a little bit. But I’m looking forward to learning it with you while enjoying the exchanges of our opinions. I am always refuted, though…. Nix, I can’t wait to see you by the next time.
Evelyn S.先生 09/21
Tadamasa M.先生 09/21
Thank you for the lesson. I really enjoyed the free discussion with you. See you next time.
Earl J.先生 09/21
It was my second time to take her lesson. We had free conversation and mainly I shared her my experience living in Thailand. I love to talk about Thailand and I enjoyed the lesson. I found it difficult to explain a bit complicated thing, so I want to learn more vocab to tell people more clearly about what I want to say. Debi is warm and kind teacher that I could challenge to talk longer. I had fun as I did last time. Thank you for talking with me about Thailand! And I look forward to see you soon!
Deborah A.先生 09/21
Lolita is very friendly!
Lolita V.先生 09/21
Thank you for your enjoyable lesson. I've had a great time, talking with you about such an interesting topic.
Fenny V.先生 09/21


オンライン英会話サービス 『エイゴックス』 (以下、当サービス) および、その運営会社である『株式会社シンプソン』 (以下、当社) は、お客様の個人情報保護に最大限の注意と努力を払い、厳正に管理致します。


お客様が当サービスを利用するにあたり、お客様自身にご登録いただく 氏名、性別、生年月日、メールアドレス等の個人を識別できる情報をいいます。




注) コミュニケーションの円滑化を図る目的で、お客様の基本情報 (氏名・年齢・居住の都道府県・スカイプ名・英語プロフィールに登録頂いた内容のみ、レッスン担当講師に開示されます。 (住所詳細・電話番号・メールアドレスは公開されません。) 


お客様からご提供いただきました情報は、当サービスのご提供、及び 連絡手段以外の目的では利用いたしません。





  • お客様の同意が得られた場合
  • 法令に基づき、正当な理由により開示が求められた場合
  • お客様の利用規約違反行為に対して法的な措置を含む必要な措置をとる場合
  • 個人の識別ができない状態で提供する場合
  • 弊社の英会話サービス運営システムを外部業者に開発・メンテナンスして貰う必要があり、かつ当該業者と機密保持契約が締結されており、乙の個人情報が適切に保護・管理される場合


当プライバシーポリシーは、当ウェブサイト上に公示することで 事前承諾を得ることなく変更できるものとします。


当サイトでは、お客様が安全に個人情報 (クレジットカード情報を含む) を、ご入力・送信して頂ける様、SSL暗号化通信を採用しております。(RapidSSL) これにより、送信されるデータが暗号化され、 お客様の個人情報が第三者によって取得されることを防止致します。



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