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Joweena A. (ジョウィーナ A.先生)




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名前 Joweena A.
性別 女性
国籍 フィリピン
現住国 Philippines
日本語 なし
Eigox登録日 2016年11月11日 (勤続年数 : 4年11ヶ月)
講師経験年数 3年以上
ニックネーム Eena (イーナ)

Hello everyone ico_caution10smiley-laughing My name is JOWEENA and I am from the PHILIPPINESico_caution10 I speak standard American English. I have been an online English teacher for 5 years now and EIGOX has been my home for the past 5 years. I have been teaching English online to Chinese, Koreans, and mostly Japanese students of all ages from beginner, intermediate to advanced levels. 


I gaduated with a Bachelor's degree in Education. I am a licensed professional teacher and a TEFL certificate holder . TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. 


In my spare time I enjoy reading my favorite books, listening to music and watching movies/Korean dramas on Netflix.  I also like outdoor activities such as walking or hiking, or going to the beach. The beaches in my area are breathtaking with aquablue ocean to powdery white and yellow sands. 


I am happy to say that I have gained so much knowledge and experience teaching Japanese people. This experience help me to grow and improve myself in many different ways.

Firstly, my confidence to communicate with different kinds of people is getting better and better.

Secondly, I continue to improve my teaching strategies as I learned to be more sensitive to the needs of my students so, I keep learning various teaching methods to suit and adjust to the learner's abilities.

Thirdly, my patience and time management skills continue to improve as I learned to allot adequate time to accomplish my tasks without compromising the quality of lesson I provide. I value punctuality very  much and as much as possible I avoid tardiness/cancelling /missing lessons if I can help it.

Lastly, my ability to put people at ease is a soft skill that I'm glad to possess. When my students feel comfortable and welcomed they easily pick up information and encourage to speak more.


I think in learning a language confidence is very important and to accomplish this tutors should be able to establish a friendly environment and at the same time remain professional in dealing with students. In my class, I make sure that we will have a fun, engaging and an interactive lesson that will make your learning experience with me fun and meaningful. LEARNING a language shouldn't be boring it should be FUN because LEARNING is BEST when it is FUNico_caution10


I enjoy teaching because for me it is fulfilling and rewarding. It makes me feel good everytime you learned from me. Learning English is fun because it opens up a new world of opportunities where we can express ourselves globally.What I like about Japan is the people and the country itself. The country is rich with unique culture and traditions. The people are polite, respectful, hardworking, very professional and intelligent. They are also very serious in studying the language. Teaching and conversing with Japanese people here in Eigox is a wonderful experience for me as I also continuously learn with my students. 


These are the lessons that I can offer: 

1. Free Talk / Free conversation - where we can talk about any TOPICS within your interests 

2. Structured Lessons

     using the popular EIGOX material like 100 Power topics and 100 Power topics for Business

     (    Elementary - Lower Intermediate - Intermediate) 

     Side by Side 1-4

     Smart English Starter to book 6 ( For KIDS )

     Let's Go Phonics 1-3

     Let's Go Books 1-6

3. EIKEN Mock Interview Test

4. Online materials such as news related articles depending on your levels


We have a variety of materials that we can choose from and make use of . 

If you want to IMPROVE more of YOUR LISTENING SKILLS there are also a wide array of materials for that .

It all DEPENDS on you, just let me know ahead and I will try my best to provide the most suitable material for your level  and interests because the most important for me is YOU as the center of the learning process. 


I am inviting you all to please COME AND JOIN ME in my class and together we will learn English in the easiest, comfortable and fun wayico_caution10


Thank you very much for taking the time to check out my profile pageico_caution10

See you! ico_caution10


趣味 映画・ドラマ, お笑い・コメディー, ニュース・ドキュメント, 音楽, カラオケ, 読書, パソコン・インターネット, スポーツ・エクササイズ, アウトドア, 旅行, グルメ, ショッピング, 美容・ファッション, 芸能・タレント, 創作活動, 財テク・投資, 健康・ダイエット, 外国語, 政治・経済, 歴史, その他(reading, movies, music...)
キッズ 日常英会話(入門) 日常英会話(初級) 日常英会話(中級) 日常英会話(上級) ビジネス英語(入門)
ビジネス英語(初級) ビジネス英語(中級) ビジネス英語(上級) 旅行英語 ドラマ・映画英語 時事英語
文法 発音 ボキャブラリー 英検 TOEIC TOEIC SW
TOEFL IELTS 学習方法カウンセリング
  • Side by Side 1 (3rd Edition)
  • Smart English (Starter)
  • Side by Side 2 (3rd Edition)
  • Smart English 1
  • Side by Side 3 (3rd Edition)
  • Smart English 2
  • Side by Side 4 (3rd Edition)
  • Smart English 3
  • 100 Power Topics (初級)
  • Smart English 4
  • 100 Power Topics (初中級)
  • Smart English 5
  • 100 Power Topics (中級)
  • Smart English 6
  • 100 Power Topics for Business (初級)
  • 英検3級二次試験(面接)対策
  • 100 Power Topics for Business (初中級)
  • 英検準2級二次試験(面接)対策
  • 100 Power Topics for Business (中級)
  • 英検2級二次試験(面接)対策
  • デスパレートな妻たち


ジョウィーナ先生は、高等教員免許をお持ちの、とても明るい性格の先生です。 先生は10年間、教室とオンラインにて英会話の指導をされており、中級レベル以上の生徒様の、文法や会話レッスンにオススメできる先生です。 講師経験が豊富なので、お子様のレッスンも得意とされていますよ :) それでは、ジョウィーナ先生をよろしくお願いいたします♪ (2016/11/11記載)