I reviewes today's lesson!
Joyce AN.先生 10/22
Thank you for your lesson. I was happy to take your kind and effective lesson again today.
Kathryn G.先生 10/22
Nice seeing you, Nix. We enjoyed talking about our daily events. I was surprised because you had many works to do today. Thank you for making your time while being busy.Please rest well and take care of yourself. I'm looking forward to seeing you, Nix!
Evelyn S.先生 10/22
I really appreciate your helpful revision for my spelling. I was sometimes confused the spelling of words including 'r' and 'l'. According to your instruction, I will check the words I learned today. Thank you very much for your passionate lessons. Catch you later, Nix.
Evelyn S.先生 10/22
It was the first lesson with Nomin but I felt her close soon because we knew some common places in the US. It was fun to talk about places or stores where we knew each other. She speaks beautiful American English, so I could have a good listening practice with her. We learned about Michael Jackson from an article today. She was really cute when she found out that he had married with Elvis Presley’s daughter before. There were some words I didn’t know, then she explained them clearly for me. Thank you so much and see you next time!
Nomin E.先生 10/22
She practiced writing a sentence. You gave her some tips to make her writing more natural. Thank you for the lesson. See you soon.
Tadamasa M.先生 10/22
We read "Nicer people are poorer, says study" from Breaking News English. It is an interesting article, but I cannot agree with the conclusion of the study in the article. Samantha gave me many chances to speak English and answered my questions well. She kindly corrected my short writing which I had prepared about today's article. I am happy that I had fruitful time with her. Thank you for your wonderful lesson, Samantha. I hope to see you again.
Samantha L.先生 10/22
Thanks for a lesson . We talked about my new exercise to walk an inside the pool ,my school reunion that was held last sunday and Japanese greetings . It was interesting ! see you next time .
Eden M.先生 10/22
Today, we talked about consumption tax hike next year in Japan. In my opinion, I disagree with it because while the government is showing positive economical data, most ordinary people don't feel better economy and in this situation, the increase of tax would cause to reduce consumption.Furthermore, after the last time of consumption tax increase, the government didn't show the result of how the added tax money was spend. Was it used for our social welfare or security? Nobody explained about how consumption tax was used. The government shoud be held accountable for the use. For these reasons, I oppose the plan of consumption tax increase next year. The government shoud reduce purchase of many arms from U.S. and allocate it to our social welfare. Mark always gives me questions about hot issues and it's a good training for me to make a small speech. Thank you, Mark, see you next time.
Mark D.先生 10/22
She is so kind.My son loves her.He had good time.
Joanna C.先生 10/22


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名前:Mark W. 国籍:アメリカ
日本語:上級 居住地:United States
講師経験年数:3年以上 キッズ: OK
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エイゴックス登録日 2017年12月22日
ニックネーム: Mark (マーク)
自己紹介 Hello everyone!

My name is Mark. Nice to meet you!

I'm from Minnesota in the United States. But I lived in Kobe, Japan for three years. So I think of Kobe as my second hometown.

I like to travel, play sports, watch movies, try new foods, and learn about cultures around the world (including Japanese culture)! I also enjoy learning Japanese.

I studied abroad in Tokyo at Sophia University. I also taught English in Kobe for three years. I taught at an Elementary school and Junior High School. I also tutored students at Kobe University of Foreign Studies through the "Gaidai Chat" program.

I am very passionate about teaching English. I enjoy and seeing my students improve their English skills.
My teaching philosophy is: teach meaningful English in a meaningful way and meaningful setting.

I enjoy free talk lessons. I have experience teaching English conversation skills and practical English. I have also helped students prepare for the Eiken exam.

If you are a beginner, or you don't have confidence in your English speaking skills, then please practice with me! My lessons are a time where you can relax and make mistakes. It's the best way to improve, and I will do my best to support you!

I look forward to speaking with you all.
趣味 I'm interested in traveling, sports, movies, food, and learning about other languages and cultures!
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スタッフからのご紹介 アメリカ・ミネソタ州出身のマーク先生は日本での指導経験を持つ、明るい笑顔がステキな活発な性格の先生です。



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