Thank you very much for the interesting conversation as usual. See you next time.
Mark M.先生 11/22
Frou introduced me an interesting article, as usual. I didn't have enough time to read it, I struggled to read it in our lesson. There're some words and phrases that I don't know. I learned many words today! The topic was recycled clothing. It is made from plastic bottles. It was an interesting story. Thank you, Frou. See you.
Froulaine A.先生 11/21
I am so happy to see you again, Nix. I enjoyed talking about the last weekend events. Today, I learned ‘how to ask’ and ‘how to apology’ properly. I think they are very important expression in our life included business scene. In addition, because your instruction has always been helpful for me, I really appreciate it. Catch you soon, Nix !
Evelyn S.先生 11/21
I just enjoyed talking with her. The greatest point of her lesson is that I just don’t fell I am taking English lesson. I’m lookingforward to talking with her soon.
Meera L.先生 11/21
I've had a great time talking with you as always. Thank you for sharing my views on the article.
Dilhara P.先生 11/21
It was really comfortable talking with Meera. She is new to Eigox, but she has much experience in teaching. Her lessons would be wonderful at anytime.
Meera L.先生 11/21
Thank you for the lesson. It was lots of fun to talk with you. See you next time.
Lolita V.先生 11/21
Max and I continued the conference transcript. There are a lot of good expressions and Max explained to me how to use them. They look very common in business settings and I'm sure they all are useful. Thank you Max! I'm looking forward to our next lesson!
Mark M.先生 11/21
He is the best teacher. My son enjoyed a lesson very much and he evaluated his English skill as well.This is my first time that I did not help my son.
Nikola B.先生 11/21
It was very fun talking to you! I hope to see you soon!
Theresa E.先生 11/21


他の写真を見る 動画を見る


名前:Tadamasa M.  
日本語:ネイティブ 居住地:Japan
講師経験年数:3年以上 キッズ: OK
  • 講師プロフィール
  • 生徒からの評価
  • レッスン予約
エイゴックス登録日 2014年2月20日
ニックネーム: Tad (タッド)
TOEIC 990 点
その他 英語:英語指導者認定 マッサージ:国際セラピストディプロマ、心理カウンセラー 接客業:バーテンダーソムリエ免許 鑑定:リユース営業士,遺品整理士、IGS宝石/時計鑑定国際認定
自己紹介 Welcome to Eigox !

Hi my name is Tad.Ive been teaching at eigox for almost 3years now. Thanks to all the students and staff members for all your support.

I was born and raised in Canada second generation Japanese. I can speak Japanese and English both fluently, which makes me bilingual. Being able to understand both cultures is a unique experience, but then again sometimes I myself does get confused. Anyone having trouble with Japanese to English , English to Japanese please ask !

I have taught English to ESL students for almost 4years in Canada.ESL means (english second language) All my students were all age groups even infants. I myself had a difficulty in Japanese so I really understand how everyone feels learning another languge.

I also have lived around the world such as Vietnam, China,Canada,Austraila,Japan,Thailand and United States. If you have concerns about traveling please ask me. Example (How much do i TIP) Japan is a very nice place but then again its really different once you step out.

Let's enjoy together !!!


ようこそ エイゴックスへ!



私はカナダで約4年間、ESLの学生に英語を教えていました。ESLの意味は、『第二言語としての英語』 です。私の生徒さんは、幼児を含む、色んな年齢の方でした。私自身日本語を学ぶのに苦労したので、皆様の苦労も本当によく理解できます。


趣味 Traveling,Driving,Cooking,Crafting
  • キッズ

  • 英会話 (入門)

  • 英会話 (初級)

  • 英会話 (中級)

  • 英会話 (上級)

  • ビジネス英語 (入門)

  • ビジネス英語 (初級)

  • ビジネス英語 (中級)

  • やり直し基本英語1 (中学レベル)

  • やり直し基本英語2 (高校レベル)

  • 文法指導

  • 発音指導

  • ボキャブラリー指導

  • 英検指導



  • 旅行英会話

  • 留学・海外生活英会話

  • ニュース・時事英語

  • ドラマ・映画・音楽・スポーツ・エンタメ

  • 学習方法アドバイス
  • Side by Side 1 (3rd Edition)

  • Side by Side 2 (3rd Edition)

  • Side by Side 3 (3rd Edition)

  • Side by Side 4 (3rd Edition)

  • LET'S GO Phonics 1

  • LET'S GO Phonics 2

  • LET'S GO Phonics 3

  • LET'S GO Let's Begin (4th Edition)

  • LET'S GO 1 (4th Edition)

  • LET'S GO 2 (4th Edition)

  • LET'S GO 3 (4th Edition)

  • LET'S GO 4 (4th Edition)

  • LET'S GO 5 (4th Edition)

  • LET'S GO 6 (4th Edition)

  • 100 Power Topics (Elementary / 初級)

  • 100 Power Topics (Lower Intermediate / 初中級)

  • 100 Power Topics (Intermediate / 中級)

  • 100 Power Topics for Business (Elementary / 初級)

  • 100 Power Topics for Business (Lower Intermediate / 初中級)

  • 100 Power Topics for Business (Intermediate / 中級)

  • デスパレートな妻たち / Desperate Housewives
スタッフからのご紹介 生まれも育ちもカナダ出身のタッド先生は、笑顔が爽やかな日系2世の青年で、英語も日本語もネイティブ、という非常に素晴らしい言語能力をお持ちです。