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Sadie S. (セイディーS.先生)




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名前 Sadie S.
性別 女性
国籍 アメリカ
現住国 Japan
日本語 初級
Eigox登録日 2021年02月26日 (勤続年数 : 1年9ヶ月)
講師経験年数 3年以上
ニックネーム Sadie(セイディー)

NOTICE: I will be taking a holiday break starting the week of December 19th and will be back in early January. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas / New Year's! 


**For any new students, I usually update my schedule EVERY SUNDAY. If you don't see any open slots, please check back then! Thank you. :) **


Hello, my name is Sadie! Nice to meet you.


I'm from San Diego, California, USA. I've been living in Japan since 2017. I like yoga, playing video games, photography, and singing. I’m also very interested foreign languages. I studied Spanish for several years, took a semester of Italian in college, and have been studying Japanese for about a year. And so, I understand second language learning very well from a student's point of view.


In university, I took part in a language exchange program where I met with international students and helped them with English. In exchange, they taught me about their language and culture. It was a great experience that made me want to teach English in a foreign country. Around that time, I got certified in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. After obtaining my TEFL certificate, I got a job in Japan teaching at an eikaiwa school for two and a half years. I worked with students of all ages and levels, so please don’t worry!


In my class, making mistakes is 100% okay! Don't be afraid to make them because that's how we learn and get better. It's not a weakness, but a strength! I'd be happy to assist you with any area of English you'd like to practice (free talk, something grammar-related, pronunciation, shadowing, ondoku, practicing a speech or presentation, etc.) so please let me know your preferences! Personally, I enjoy focusing on pronunciation, so if you'd like to practice working on an easy to understand General American accent, then I'm here to help!


I hope to work together soon!













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文法 発音 ボキャブラリー 英検 TOEIC TOEIC SW
TOEFL IELTS 学習方法カウンセリング
  • 100 Power Topics (初級)
  • 100 Power Topics (中級)
  • 100 Power Topics (初中級)


アメリカ・ネブラスカ出身のセイディー先生は明るく話やすい性格の先生です。先生は大学で、日本人留学生の英語学習のお手伝いをしたり、2年間日常会話を教えていた経験もあり、TEFL(外国人に英語を教える資格)の資格も持っています!今は、ご家族で日本に住んでおり、日本語も熱心に勉強中です。趣味はヨガや風景写真を取ることなので、同じ趣味をお持ちの方は先生とのレッスンがおすすめです!それでは、セイディー先生を宜しくお願いします♪ (2020/2/26 記載)