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Kenneth G. (ケネス G.先生)




  1. レッスン提供数: 622回
  2. 講師のキャンセル率: 10%
  3. すっぽかし率: 3%

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名前 Kenneth G.
性別 男性
国籍 イギリス
現住国 Japan
日本語 上級
Eigox登録日 2020年02月20日 (勤続年数 : 3ヶ月)
講師経験年数 3年以上
ニックネーム Kenny (ケニー)


Hello, I am very happy to meet you - My name is Kenny!

I am a TESOL and TEFL qualified teacher of English from London, in the United Kingdom.

In 2011, I came to Japan to teach English. So, I have a lot of experience teaching all ages of students from beginner level to advanced level.

My personality is very bright and positive with a cheerful style, so I want to enjoy talking with you about many interesting topics.

I really enjoy music, especially going to live events and concerts. Also, I have played rugby and many other sports since I was young. I love cooking and eating many delicious foods too, so please tell me about your favorite dishes and I am excited to hear about your recommendations.

Let's have fun and I'm looking forward to teaching you! :)

Educational Background

I graduated from London Metropolitan University School of Business with a degree in Music and Media Management. I can play the piano, guitar, saxophone, trumpet and the Japanese taiko drums (a little!). Also I like to DJ as a hobby and I always listen to a lot of new and old music in my free time.

I qualified as a TESOL and TEFL teacher while I was a university student to learn about how to become a strong teacher and how to help my students as much as possible.

Also, I studied abroad in America for one year in the University of Evansville, Indiana. I studied business, economics, social studies and many other interesting subjects. It was a great experience and I could meet many international students, including many interesting people from Japan for the first time. If you are interested in studying abroad, please talk with me about your ideas.

I know that English is an important global language and I hope that I can help you so that you can travel and communicate with many international people confidently in the future.

Teaching Career History

After graduating from University, I became an ALT in Japan. I worked in Akita Prefecture on the JET Programme. I was teaching in 4 Junior High Schools and 9 Elementary Schools in Oga city for 5 years. It was a wonderful experience and I really enjoyed meeting other teachers and students' families from the local area. Also, it gave me great experience with young learners and now I can teach children with a lot of confidence.

When I finished working in Akita, I moved to Morioka City and began working at one of the biggest Eikaiwa schools in Japan. At this school, I could get a lot of experience working with many adult students of all ages. Adults want to study English for many different reasons. I learned about the importance of changing my teaching style to suit each individual so that I can help everyone as much as possible. I was really impressed by every student's hard effort and ability.

Now, I am looking forward to having many new students with Eigox. I am excited to help you with your English goals and support your studies for the future. Watching students develop and grow their skills gives me a lot of satisfaction and positive energy.

Teaching Style

My students tell me that I'm positive and easy to understand. They say that they get a lot of energy and motivation from me which helps them to continue enjoying their studies. It is important that students can grow their confidence, so I am very kind to my students and always try to encourage them to communicate as much as possible.

Improving your English ability is my number one goal. If you have specific requirements such as grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing or pronunciation practice - or if you want to study for travel, work, or exams - then I will work hard to help you with all of your individual needs.

I believe that learning English is similar to many other activities in life, such as learning sports or music or art for example. With practice, anybody can be successful and improve their ability - especially if they practice their skills with a good coach.

I know that we can have fun practicing together.

Let's do it!










趣味 映画・ドラマ, お笑い・コメディー, ニュース・ドキュメント, 楽器, 音楽, カラオケ, 読書, ゲーム, パソコン・インターネット, スポーツ・エクササイズ, スポーツ観戦, アウトドア, 旅行, 車・バイク, グルメ, お酒, 料理, 芸能・タレント, アート, 創作活動, 植物・ガーデニング, ペット, DIY, 恋愛・結婚, 家族・子育て, 外国語, 政治・経済, 歴史, その他(Rugby, Calligraphy, Climbing, Swimming, DJ, Dance, Crafts, and of course, English!)
キッズ 日常英会話(入門) 日常英会話(初級) 日常英会話(中級) 日常英会話(上級) ビジネス英語(入門)
ビジネス英語(初級) ビジネス英語(中級) ビジネス英語(上級) 旅行英語 ドラマ・映画英語 時事英語
文法 発音 ボキャブラリー 英検 TOEIC TOEIC SW
TOEFL IELTS 学習方法カウンセリング
  • 100 Power Topics (初級)
  • Smart English (Starter)
  • 100 Power Topics (初中級)
  • Smart English 1
  • 100 Power Topics (中級)
  • Smart English 2
  • 100 Power Topics for Business (初級)
  • Smart English 3
  • 100 Power Topics for Business (初中級)
  • Smart English 4
  • 100 Power Topics for Business (中級)
  • Smart English 5
  • デスパレートな妻たち
  • Smart English 6


イギリス・ロンドン出身のケネス先生は日本での英語指導経験を豊富に持つ、元気でポジティブな性格の先生です。 先生は2011年にALT(assistant language teacher)として日本に来られ、小学校や中学校で5年間英語の先生をしていました。また、某有名英会話スクールでの指導経験も3年半ほどあるので、子供から大人まで幅広い年齢とレベルの生徒さんに教えてきたベテラン講師です☆英検、TOEIC、TOEFLなどの試験対策レッスンも教えてきたので、受験をお考えの生徒様にとってはとても頼りになる存在ですね!また、先生は日本語がとてもお上手です。レッスン中に困ったことがあれば、日本語での説明も可能なので初心者の方でも安心してレッスンをご受講頂けますよ♪そんな先生の強みは楽しく明るいレッスン、たくさん質問をすること(生徒さんの話す機会をたくさん作ること)、そして励まし上手なところだそうです☆彡とっても明るくフレンドリーなケネス先生と楽しく英語を学びましょう! それでは、ケネス先生を宜しくお願いします♪ (2020/2/20 記載)