It was a nice luncheon lesson! Thank you so much. We were so excited to talk about the luxury hotel in the world. The hotels you introduced me were amazing. I'd like to stay there once in the future. After our lesson, I was brought back to my reality. See you soon!
Evelyn S.先生 12/12
Hi, Eileen. When I have time with you, I always feel like "Time flies." Thank you for your great lesson. I'm getting interested in Colombia. Let me know about Colombian history, culture, and so on. Have a wonderful time. I'll catch you later!!
Eileen W.先生 12/12
Thanks for the good lesson. The examples you showed were very instructive. See you next time.
Mandy M.先生 12/12
Thank you so much for giving me fun lesson. I can share with you about meeting topic. Your lesson can make good atmosphere and make me speak with feeling relax.
Jena-Lyn S.先生 12/11
Thank you for great lessons, Nix. I enjoyed the discussion based on the contents of the article you chose. Time fries! I am not nervous and don't feel stress when I speak English than before, thanks to you. Therefore, I'd like to try to pay attention for grammar from now on. Catch you later!
Evelyn S.先生 12/11
Nice seeing you again, Nix☺ Today, we learned about the relation between colors and mosquitoes. I heard mosquitoes like dark colors, especially, black. Though you like black, you should wear clothes with light colors in order not to being bitten by mosquitoes. Anyway, I enjoyed talking about ecology of mosquitoes a lot tonight. Thank you for your time. See you later!
Evelyn S.先生 12/11
Thank you for the lesson. I really enjoyed the discussion with you. See you next time!
Helen B.先生 12/11
Thank you for your kindly lesson.
Joyce AN.先生 12/11
When I read English,I don't understand all the words. But I focus some important words,and even ignore the words I don't understand. This is the way I catch the outline of the English article.
Mark M.先生 12/11
Thank you so much for today's lesson. I was very happy that I could talk with you very freely. I was so sorry to ask you the reason why you have an experience to drop junior high school.That'the bulling, My heart aches when I think that you had a very hard time, But I adore you have overcome nicely. And got the high score of English.Great! I would be very happy if you teach me the way to improve reading ability. And at the same time some knacks to listen. I beg you.
Tadamasa M.先生 12/11


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名前:Steven M. 国籍:オーストラリア
日本語:上級 居住地:Australia
講師経験年数:3年以上 キッズ: NG
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エイゴックス登録日 2018年11月14日
ニックネーム: Steven (スティーブン)
自己紹介 Hi

My name is Steven. I am from Australia, and I have 28 years English teaching experience. I have an Engineering degree and a TESOL certificate from the Australian International College of Language.

I moved to Japan in 1990, and worked at BERLITZ Japan in Yurakuchou for 27 years. I taught company employees, business people and professionals of all levels and occupations.

During that time, I also worked at Ochanomizu Women's University (High School Dept) for 8 years. I taught students who had lived abroad with their parents, and returned to Japan.

I have permanent residency in Japan, and currently I am residing in Thailand. I have a good knowledge of Japan, and a basic proficiency in Japanese language.

My motivation to teach, is to see students improve their English ability and confidence. I am very strong in all facets of language teaching. I think student student speaking time, grammar and sentence structure are very important.

I am patient, enthusiastic, versatile and competent. I hope to help you with your English, at EIGOX.

Best regards
趣味 Traveling, sports, walking, cooking, language, history.
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スタッフからのご紹介 オーストラリア・クイーンズランド出身のスティーブン先生は日本での英語指導歴27年、とても頼り甲斐のあるベテラン講師です。

先生は昨年まで27年間東京に住んでおられたそうで、その間英会話スクールのベルリッツで講師をしておられました。またお茶の水女子大学付属高校でも8年間英語講師をしておられたとのことです。日常会話からビジネス英語まで、様々なレベルの生徒さんを教えてこられた先生。ビジネス英語に関しては多くの大手日本企業の社員へ指導をしておられたそうで、メールやプレゼンテーションの原稿チェックやプルーフリーディングも請け負っておられました。日本語もお上手で文法の説明なども日本語で出来るそうなので、レッスン中に困ったことがあっても安心です。またTESOL (外国人に英語を教える資格)も取得済ですので、経験と知識を兼ね備えた、とても頼りになる先生ですよ☆ユーモアセンスがあり、楽しく和やかにレッスンを進めてくれるので、リラックスした雰囲気の中レッスンに取り組んでいただけます♪


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