After chatting on the weather and the election of Japan, I read a news about Catalonia. It was a bit difficult for me. But with your help, I got a important information. Thank you Gabriel!
Gabriel L.先生 10/22
Tutor Jessie,thank you for your lesson! I really enjoyed it.And I Learned a lot of things. See you next time!!^^
Jessie D.先生 10/22
Her lesson was fun! She seemed to know EIKEN test and asked me some questions related to it in a natural way. Her ways to expand the conversation actually enabled me to give some opinions to those questions well.
Joan M.先生 10/22
She talked about the educational system in her country, so I noticed the difference from Japanese one. Also, I got the time to talk about the Japanese system. Overall, I had a good conversation with her. Time flies.
Jessie D.先生 10/22
I told her that I would have some topics related to EIKEN, an English test in Japan, which I guessed that she didn't know. However, to my surprise, she prepared a suitable topic for EIKEN test. It was really kind of her.
Novida R.先生 10/22
Jessie and I talked about adolescence in today's lesson, which I enjoyed. I look forward to having a lesson with you. Bye.
Jessie D.先生 10/22
Thanks Daria! I always enjoy lessons with you. I like your natural speed of English. It is good training for me, although you may be able to change it according to students even with Japanese. I also like your colorful explanations. I feel like we always run short of time because of being absorbed in chatting. Finally I would like to thank your careful follow-up even after the lesson, for instance, by sending relevant materials/links. Looking forward to talking with you next time.
Daria L.先生 10/22
とても丁寧に説明して頂きました。 不明なところもはっきり言っていただけたので分かり易かったです。
Mai K.先生 10/22
Thank you for today's class! It's raining so hard today in Tokyo, so the wi-fi is not good condition, but the lesson was fun. I'm looking forward the next lesson!
Joyce AN.先生 10/22
Thank you for the lesson. I really enjoyed the conversation with you. See you next time.
Carmela N.先生 10/22


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名前:Claire T. 国籍:イギリス/ UK
日本語:なし 居住地:South Africa
講師経験年数:3年以上 キッズ: OK
  • 講師プロフィール
  • 生徒からの評価
  • レッスン予約
エイゴックス登録日 2015年7月21日
ニックネーム: Clarabelle (クララベル)
自己紹介 Hi there lovely students!

My name is Claire and I am an ESL teacher here on Eigox. I am from South Africa right at the tip of the African continent. We have 11 official languages! But English is one of them and that is my native language.

I have been lucky to travel lots outside of South Africa and have been to many African countries and America, the UK, Europe and Russia. I have also been to Thailand where the weather is hot, the food is hot and the traffic is mad! :) I love English and good English books and poems. I like to create my own English stories and poems too. When not doing that I am drawing or reading, sometimes even cooking!

I have never been to Japan but there are a few things I know about your wonderful country that I would love to explore. I have always wanted to see the cherry trees at the base of Mount Fuji, your beautiful Japanese gardens and of course, Tokyo. I have always liked the Japanese Haiku and the wonderful silk paintings by Japanese artists. And then there is sushi! Who doesn't like that : )

I am very excited about teaching English to you because I believe that education is power and English is a great language to learn. It allows you to communicate with the whole world, whether it be in business, travelling, studying or just making friends. I love to teach as I know that what I have been lucky enough to learn I can pass on and I think that knowledge should be shared.

So come on an English journey with me. I believe that learning in a comfortable environment with a friendly teacher will give you a bit of extra confidence which will help you improve your English skills quickly. I am always willing to help a student and look forward to helping you!

I can't wait to meet you and teach you!




幸運なことに国外に旅行する機会にたくさん恵まれ、これまでに多くのアフリカの国々、アメリカ、イギリス、ヨーロッパ、そしてロシアに行ったことがあります。また暑い気候、食べ物も辛く交通が大変な事になっているタイへも行ったことがあります!:) 私は英語がとても好きで、良い英語の本と詩が好きです。自分自身で英語の物語や詩を作ることも好きです。それ以外の時は絵を描いたり、読書、たまに料理をしたりもします!





趣味 Travelling, reading, writing, drawing and cooking
  • キッズ

  • 初級

  • 中級

  • 上級

  • ビジネス会話

  • 時事英語

  • Side by Side 2 (3rd Edition)

  • Side by Side 3 (3rd Edition)

  • Side by Side 4 (3rd Edition)

  • LET'S GO 3 (4th Edition)

  • LET'S GO 4 (4th Edition)

  • LET'S GO 5 (4th Edition)

  • LET'S GO 6 (4th Edition)

  • 100 Power Topics (Elementary / 初級)

  • 100 Power Topics (Lower Intermediate / 初中級)

  • 100 Power Topics (Intermediate / 中級)

  • デスパレートな妻たち / Desperate Housewives
スタッフからのご紹介 イギリス出身のクレア先生はとても落ち着いた性格の知的な雰囲気の先生です。前職ではロシアで半年間英語を教えておられたそうですが、現在はご家族と一緒に南アフリカに住んでおられます。