Thank you for today lesson. l'm sorry ,I let you explain a lot. She said "pronunciation is excellent!" when our lesson.I was very happy. I want to more conversation with teacher Rebecca.
Rebecca C.先生 06/29
This is the first lesson with Kate. We have common interest and talked about it during our lesson. I enjoyed talking with her a lot. I hope to read a web article related to the same topic next time.
Kate R.先生 06/29
Thank you for teaching me. Your lesson is always very fun,so I like talking with you! We talk about my dogs,I was very pleased that you rpaised my dogs. I will reserve your lesson,I'd like to talk more. See you again!
Janina P.先生 06/29
I have taken her lessons several times. Her pronunciation is so clear that I can understand well what she says. She checks my pronunciation, so it really helps me. And she asks me some challenging questions, so I’m motivated to study hard. Every time I make grammatical errors, she corrects me clearly. I’m really appreciated that she always listens to my poor English patiently. She is not only a good teacher but also a good listener. Thank you for your fun and informative lessons.
Daphne Y.先生 06/29
We are "Chocoholic."
Mark M.先生 06/29
Thank you so much for the wonderful and warm-hearted lesson as always. Time fries when I am having fun. Because the matelials she selects always evoke my interests, I can really enjoy English while expanding my insights. I'll check and exercise my pronounciation she pointed out by next. See you soon, Nix!
Evelyn S.先生 06/28
John A.先生 06/28
Thank you for teaching me. Have a good night!
Katherine T.先生 06/28
Thank you for the lesson as always, Daisy! I'm glad to finish the episode four of Desperate Housewives :-)
Daisy F.先生 06/28
Thank you for the lesson. I enjoyed the free conversation with you and had a chance to express my thoughts. It was a good practice. See you next time.
Joyce AN.先生 06/28


他の写真を見る 動画を見る


名前:Sayuri K.  
日本語:ネイティブ 居住地:日本
講師経験年数:3年未満 キッズ: OK
  • 講師プロフィール
  • 生徒からの評価
  • レッスン予約
エイゴックス登録日 2015年6月23日
ニックネーム: Sayuri (サユリ)
その他 STEP BULATS CEF Level :C1 ALTE Level:4 (2007) IELTS 6(Academic module,2002) BBTM(Bachelor of Business in Tourism Management, 2007), GALILEO, RSA(Responsible Service of Alcohol) 弓道初段(2001)
自己紹介 G'day!初めまして!Nice to meet you all!



テキスト(Side by side/Let's GO)使用、フリーオンラインマテリアルを使う教材、IELTS/TEAP、英検のスピーキング対策をしております。

幼児、小中学生、社会人の方まで、入門から初中級者の方を中心に、100名以上の 方の英会話学習をサポートしてきました。
英会話学習が初めての方、海外旅行や交際交流をもっと愉しむために英会話学習 を始めようと思っている方、
基礎文法や簡単な挨拶から始め、楽しくコミュニケーションができるようにサ ポートいたします。






G'day! Thank you for reading my profile.
I'm Sayuri, after finishing high school, I did study abroad in Melbourne Australia and I'm holding bachelor of business in Tourism management.I have worked in overseas for a while, in the U.S (Detroit, Hawaii), Singapore and Malaysia.
I used to work in tourism/hospitality industry for several years thus, I'm qualified to arrange a trip/tour and provide customer service and of course to teach travel English, business English etc.
I can also advice those who are interested in working overseas or studying abroad.
My hobbies are travelling, going out for drinks, cooking,surfing, swimming and so on.

Currently, I have a 1 year-old baby girl so that I am working as a freelance translator and doing online teaching job.

Learning English is essential for working and studying, if you wish to improve your English ability, I am here for you!
I know that studying English is not a piece of cake however; if you have energy to learn then you can do it!
趣味 旅行、クッキング、水泳、弓道(高校時)
  • キッズ

  • 英会話 (入門)

  • 英会話 (初級)

  • 英会話 (中級)

  • 英会話 (上級)

  • ビジネス英語 (入門)

  • ビジネス英語 (初級)

  • ビジネス英語 (中級)

  • ビジネス英語 (上級)

  • やり直し基本英語1 (中学レベル)

  • やり直し基本英語2 (高校レベル)

  • 発音指導

  • ボキャブラリー指導

  • 英検指導



  • 旅行英会話

  • 留学・海外生活英会話

  • ニュース・時事英語

  • ドラマ・映画・音楽・スポーツ・エンタメ

  • 学習方法アドバイス
  • Side by Side 1 (3rd Edition)

  • Side by Side 2 (3rd Edition)

  • Side by Side 3 (3rd Edition)

  • Side by Side 4 (3rd Edition)

  • LET'S GO Phonics 1

  • LET'S GO Phonics 2

  • LET'S GO Phonics 3

  • LET'S GO Let's Begin (4th Edition)

  • LET'S GO 1 (4th Edition)

  • LET'S GO 2 (4th Edition)

  • LET'S GO 3 (4th Edition)

  • LET'S GO 4 (4th Edition)

  • LET'S GO 5 (4th Edition)

  • LET'S GO 6 (4th Edition)

  • 100 Power Topics (Elementary / 初級)

  • 100 Power Topics (Lower Intermediate / 初中級)

  • 100 Power Topics (Intermediate / 中級)

  • 100 Power Topics for Business (Elementary / 初級)

  • 100 Power Topics for Business (Lower Intermediate / 初中級)

  • 100 Power Topics for Business (Intermediate / 中級)

  • デスパレートな妻たち / Desperate Housewives
スタッフからのご紹介 群馬県出身のサユリ先生は、豪快さと繊細さをあわせ持つ、楽しい雰囲気の女性です。これまで20カ国以上を旅行し、次はアフリカに野生動物を見に行きたいそうです。