I learned very useful phrase "It's up to you" today. It's my example. I introduce a girl to you.A bacteria in a white dress or A nurse in a bikini,it's up to you.
Mark M.先生 04/26
I could have a delightful time with you today. Today's topic was related to uniqueness of school in your hometown and the close relationship between Turkey and Japan. I did not know a relationship between throat (laryngial?) cancer and hot tea without sugar. I was amazed to know that most British people usually obey the law (ban smoking indoors). Due to bad connection, I could not talk with you face to face, but I look forward to seeing you again.
Sayf A.先生 04/26
I had a nice conversation as usual. See you next time.
Mark M.先生 04/26
Mio told Xandra that she was tired because she had practiced jump-rope at school. She practiced making sentences using both colors and shapes of the objects. Thank you for the lesson, Xandra.
Xandra G.先生 04/26
Shuichi told Xandra about what he is going to do on the field day. He practiced the sentences "What would you like to eat/drink/do?". I can see that these days he tries to make sentences by himself. Thank you for the lesson, Xandra.
Xandra G.先生 04/26
My five-year-old son took her lesson. She was very kind and the lesson was enjoyable.
Grozdana V.先生 04/26
Thank you for your lesson. I enjoyed talking with you. I must practice English more. I will my best.
Irene R.先生 04/26
I'm really sorry. My computer crashed all of a sudden, but I contacted my computer company and was able to fix it. I was so disappointed that I missed your lesson. I'm going to book your next lesson after the Golden Week. see you. and sorry again.
Roseli I.先生 04/26
As a foodie, today's topic was really intersting to me. Unfotunately, my lunch today was not Sushi;-)
Michael SP.先生 04/26
Today's topic is IT trend. Some are new to me. I always appreciate her effort to select interesting topic. She's cheerful and talkative, but it's fun.
Ashley W.先生 04/26


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名前:Lewis S. 国籍:イギリス/ UK
日本語:なし 居住地:UK
講師経験年数:3年未満 キッズ: OK
  • 講師プロフィール
  • 生徒からの評価
  • レッスン予約
エイゴックス登録日 2018年3月20日
ニックネーム: Lew (ルー)
自己紹介 Hello, nice to meet you! Please call me Lew or Lewis. I am from England, UK. I am very excited to be given an opportunity to teach you. I’m a friendly, positive and encouraging English tutor that transcends passion for helping people. My main motivation for teaching English is to facilitate the development of effective learning and to aid students to be better. I really hope you find my lessons to be fun, engaging and inspiring.

I am a very patient and understanding individual who will be professional at all times and adaptable towards your needs. We can conduct the lesson in your chosen method and at any pace you like. Whether it’s a free-talk conversation, using the learning materials or looking at complex articles; whatever you feel you need assistance with.

I have a Diploma in Music Technology (which incidentally, is very much like learning a new language!) I have an honours degree in Science (social sciences) and I have life coaching and counselling skills.

I have worked for the NHS Trust which is the primary state care provider in the UK. I have also worked in a care home and had voluntary roles in administration.

Specifically, I can help you from basic to advanced levels of vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, essay editing, project editing, develop analysis skills by examining a text, exam preparation techniques and much more. My strengths are explaining and pronouncing difficult words and placing them into contextual usage, conversation-based learning, structuring sentences so they sound more natural, identifying phrases and giving examples of how they might be used, slang and academic editing.

My main hobbies include video gaming, watching world cinema movies, playing pool, photography and taking care of my pedigree cats. I love watching sports: darts, hockey and mixed martial arts.

I thoroughly embrace Japanese culture and would love to visit one day. My two favourite bands from Japan are X-Japan and Blood Stain Child. I am a huge fan of the directors Sion Sono and Takashi Miike as well.

Finally, i’d like to say it’ll be a pleasure to teach and to get to know you.

Thank you in advance for booking me! :)


趣味 Video gaming, sports, movies
  • キッズ

  • 入門

  • 初級

  • 中級

  • 上級

  • ビジネス会話

  • 時事英語
  • Side by Side 1 (3rd Edition)

  • Side by Side 2 (3rd Edition)

  • Side by Side 3 (3rd Edition)

  • Side by Side 4 (3rd Edition)

  • 100 Power Topics (Elementary / 初級)

  • 100 Power Topics (Lower Intermediate / 初中級)

  • 100 Power Topics (Intermediate / 中級)

  • 100 Power Topics for Business (Elementary / 初級)

  • 100 Power Topics for Business (Lower Intermediate / 初中級)

  • 100 Power Topics for Business (Intermediate / 中級)

  • デスパレートな妻たち / Desperate Housewives
スタッフからのご紹介 イギリス・リバプール出身のルイス先生は本場のブリティッシュアクセントがステキな、スマートで優しい性格の先生です。



(2018/3/26 記載)