I could have a fruitful and plesant time with teacher Sophie. I was amazed that she are good at improvising some various topics. I look forward to having a talk.
Sophie H.先生 07/22
今日は、子供のレッスンをお願いしました。 単語を選ぶゲームを楽しんでいました。 ありがとうございました。
Tadamasa M.先生 07/22
It was nice talking to you! Thank you for teaching some good expressions I can use at the meeting. Those would be helpful. Hope you will like new skype grade soon! Talk to you next time :)
Terry H.先生 07/22
We talked about many things. It is interesting to know the different culture. I hope to see you soon.
Tadamasa M.先生 07/22
Thank you for the lesson. I really enjoyed the conversation with you. I learned a lot from you and the material as well. See you soon.
Karen R.先生 07/22
Nice talking with you . We talked about many topics. It is interesting to know about Canada. Thank you very much.
Patrick F.先生 07/22
Thank you for the lesson. I really enjoyed the conversation with you. I learned a lot from you and the material as well. See you soon.
Joweena A.先生 07/22
I sometimes think my english is poor. But, It's OK. My English is improving. Thank you For various topics.
Ashley W.先生 07/22
Thank you for your kind guidance and suitable advice.I enjoyed free talking conversation.No problem about lesson's time.See you next weekend.
Rubeimin L.先生 07/22
Thank you for keeping me company with my poor English. Please enjoy your summer vacation. See you next time.
Heidi C.先生 07/22


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名前:Garry P. 国籍:アメリカ
日本語:上級 居住地:United States
講師経験年数:3年未満 キッズ: OK
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エイゴックス登録日 2018年1月17日
ニックネーム: Garry (ガリ)
自己紹介 Hello Everyone! 皆さん、こんにちは!
I am super excited to be here working with Eigox and helping you all learn or improve your English, but first, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Garry, 日本語で、ガリ と呼んでください。:)I am born and raised in the United States and lived most of my years in the state of New Jersey. Currently, I am living in the Big Apple, also known as New York City. If you have never been to this great city then I suggest you add it to your "bucket list" as soon as possible.


I have always considered myself to be a student of life. I am always eager to learn and study new things. I have studied foreign languages such as French, Italian, and now I am currently studying Japanese. For this reason, I can tell you that I completely understand how difficult and stressful learning a new language can be to anyone. As long as you can stay determined and consistent then it will surely be possible.
I truly hope that I can share my knowledge of English with as many of you as possible and ultimately help you achieve your goals of speaking better and more fluently.

My experiences in teaching come from many different areas. I am a certified/licensed school teacher with a Degree in Science and a Masters Degree in Child Advocacy (Protecting and Defending Children's rights). I have taught English, Math, Science, History plus other subjects in elementary and middle school for over 4 years, back in 2007-2011. I recently returned to teaching in a middle school and I have also been teaching English online as a private tutor for the past year. I am also currently pursuing a 2nd Masters degree in Applied Linguistics with a certification in Teaching English to Foreign Language Speakers. I am hoping that working with many students here on Eigox will help me gain an understanding of the needs and interests of people actively learning English as a second language.

Whether you are just starting to learn English or you are trying to improve your new language proficiency, regardless of your age, I will be there to help you get through the challenges that learning a new language can present. I can always provide materials and resources necessary to help you learn and study English, but most importantly, I have the patience and desire to help you achieve your goal. Together, we can do it! I look forward to meeting you all! :)
趣味 Traveling, Learning languages, Eating great food, Watching Movies & TV Dramas, Experiencing new cultures, Playing Sports, Running,
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  • Side by Side 1 (3rd Edition)

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  • デスパレートな妻たち / Desperate Housewives
スタッフからのご紹介 アメリカ・ニュージャージー州出身のガリ先生は高い語学能力を持つ、フレンドリーで真面目な性格の先生です。

ガリ先生は小学校の教員をしておられ、英語の他にも数学や科学などいろいろな教科を教えておられます。子供達の持つ権利を守る「Child Advocacy」で修士号を取得しておられ、また現在は言語学で修士号取得に向け勉強をされています。いつか日本で英語を教えることを目標にしておられ、日本語も猛勉強中だそうです。勉強し始めて1年弱とは思えないほどのレベルの高さで、話すことはもちろん読み書きもOK!レッスンでお困りのことがあっても先生がアシストして下さるので安心です。


(2018/1/17 記載)