thank you! it was so fun!
Claire QU.先生 10/15
Good evening! We talked about "Death Penalty" tonight. This topic was little difficult to discuss and there were some unfamiliar words for me. However, Thank you so much for your kindness in helping me. I could learn new vocabularies thanks to you. I'll keep studing English!
Lolita V.先生 10/15
Thank you for teaching me. It was very fun and I enjoyed talking with you. I hope I will take your lesson again. See you soon!!
Lolita V.先生 10/15
I really enjoyed the class. You made it easier for me to understand. see you next time
Anne Marie L.先生 10/15
Thank you very much for your excellent lesson. I enjoyed your lesson very much as before. So, I think that it is good for me to resume studying on Eigox. Today's article was so difficult, but it was a good training for me. I hope I can express my opinion well and speak fluently someday. I will keep studying!! Thank you again and see you again.
Sara R.先生 10/15
I really enjoyed our lesson tonight. Looking forward to seeing him again!
John K.先生 10/15
She took a lesson using a cartoon for the first time in a while. She learned several useful expressions in the lesson. Thank you for the lesson. See you next time.
Tadamasa M.先生 10/15
Thank you so much. See you soon.
Amanda TY.先生 10/15
Thank you for the interesting discussion as usual. See you next time.
Mark M.先生 10/15
Thank you very much for your excellent lesson.I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to seeing you again.
Edwin B.先生 10/15


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名前:Psusennes B. 国籍:アメリカ
日本語:初級 居住地:USA
講師経験年数:3年以上 キッズ: NG
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エイゴックス登録日 2017年11月16日
ニックネーム: Psusennes (スーセネス)
自己紹介 Konnichiwa Psusennes desu!

where you are from.
I am originally from Dallas,Texas, but have lived in NYC (New York City, New York) for the last 6 years. I am 32 years old and have a multitude of life experience to share with you.

Work history:
I have 10 years of professional work experience in the I.T. field. I have worked in the corporate office environment and also in a hospital environment. I assisted many clients with their technology needs and over coming obstacles that would prevent them from working efficiently. I wrote various reports, user walkthroughs, lead teams on projects, with heads of Departments to resolves issues & concerns and lastly communicated 1on1 with 3rd party vendors to assess company concerns of their services. I am happy to share my experience and wisdom with anyone interested.

Passions and hobbies:
I have 19+ years of experience as a Dancer by way of personal interest, as an instructor and professionally performing. I am also a Yoga Therapist with 9 years experience.

I am passionate about life and don’t really like to waste time! So I am very active and always doing, even when i am at home in my room. The biggest influences in my life that I have been doing since childhood are - Dancing,Hip-hop & House music culture, Martial arts, Anime, Video games, Languages and Food! I love to eat and i love cooking even more.
I am vegetarian/vegan and love to make cooking projects where I make my own vegan version of any stye of dish.

I am a passionate person who loves to help others, learn about the world and the people in it. I am a problem solver who is always looking for the next step in life or I create it myself. I have a passive assertive nature and always look for the whole picture before taking action, for if we move to fast and jump to conclusions in life we ruin great opportunities.

My mother was a teacher and the more I have taught over the years in multiple fields I have seen that her skills have transferred down to me. I love helping others reach their greatest potential and helping them realize their strengths. I have found a passion in teaching after helping many friends from Nihon and other countries, understand American culture and English.

I love Nihonjin culture, food, history and customs. I have been an avid anime fan for years 1st starting with Speed racer then going onto Dragon Ball Z. I eventually stopped watching Anime in English and have for at least 10 years now only watched it in Nihongo. I now often find myself reading Manga (translated) and understanding so many different nuances that apart of Japan’s historical and art culture. I enjoy Matcha and Hojicha.

Teaching English Experience:
I have been helping tutor friends in English over the last 6 years and would never look at it as a profession, it just comes so natural to me. Let’s work together

Specialties of teaching english:
Conversational English
Sentence structure correction
Pronunciation correction
Business level english
趣味 Vegan and Vegetairan world cooking fusion (making normal dish into vegan), Dancing (19years exp), Yoga (7+ years), Volunteer work (10+ years) , spending quality time with my friends (always)
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  • Side by Side 1 (3rd Edition)

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  • 100 Power Topics (Elementary / 初級)

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  • 100 Power Topics for Business (Lower Intermediate / 初中級)

  • 100 Power Topics for Business (Intermediate / 中級)

  • デスパレートな妻たち / Desperate Housewives
スタッフからのご紹介 アメリカ・ダラス出身のスーセネス先生はお話上手、コミュニケーション能力に長けた明るく前向きな性格の先生です。



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