Thank you for your lesson. Today is Lesson8,I was introduing my hobbies. I and you like Japanese manga. So talking with you was exciting and I enjoyed it very much. I would like to talk with you again about Japanese manga.
Rochelle P.先生 06/26
Great Great Great
Katherine T.先生 06/26
I could learn lots of words and phrase today. I should be able to use them naturally. Thank you so much, Evelyn!
Evelyn S.先生 06/26
Teacher Namiko gave me great advices. I knew what I should do. My goal seems to be very far, but thanks to her encouragement, I can challenge. She is a wonderful teacher, especially for Eiken. I recommend her to the test takers.
Namiko S.先生 06/26
Hiromi A.先生 06/26
It was nice talking to you again. It wss good to remind me that we will get bored of playing games someday. I may return my son's game part after doing hus homework. I checked the movie schedule, it will be out the end of August in Japan. It's too slow, right. The article we read is quite interesting. The writer knows a lot about Japanese English education. I will see you again. Thank you.
Eileen W.先生 06/26
It was so enjoyable to talk with Howard-sensei. Today we talked about English teaching in Japan and also cultural and language differences.
Howard W.先生 06/26
We reviewed some idioms from our past lessons. "To hit the road","to jog someone's memory","It's like talking to a brick wall," and "sink or swim," - it's more difficult to explain them with my words than to kind of understand. So making original examples is worth working to improve my speaking skills. Thank you :)
Samantha L.先生 06/26
When I writing something, I use Micro Soft Word on windows10. It teaches me spelling errors in case of I make a mistake. Some IME(Input Method Editor) predicts next word which the user likely input. There are so many templates when you would like to write something in the internet. All of them are very useful but at the same time, they are boring. The slip of the tongue or mishear are always king of comedy as you know. I don’t know why but everybody can easily get laugh when they heard someone do that. All the same when they meets the spelling errors of misunderstanding of the word. I wish someone would create AI engine that inducing the user to do the spelling errors. Otherwise, we will lose a one of good copy of comedy.
Froulaine A.先生 06/26
I enjoyed your lesson. I was happy that I talked about my happy days to you. Thank you for listening to my story kindly. See you soon!
Deborah A.先生 06/25


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名前:Lauren B. 国籍:イギリス/ UK
日本語:入門 居住地:England
講師経験年数:3年未満 キッズ: OK
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エイゴックス登録日 2017年3月23日
ニックネーム: Lauren (ローレン)
自己紹介 Hello! My name is Lauren and I hope you're having a lovey day!

I am from England and I live in the county of Derbyshire which is filled with lots of historic landmarks and castles. Since I was young I have always enjoyed reading and making films, this has encouraged me to begin writing my own short films and TV shows. I haven't finished them yet but I enjoy every moment of crafting this new idea and turning it into something wonderful.

Some of my favourite books which have inspired me include; The Harry Potter Series, The Little Prince and Matilda. And my favourite films are Rushmore, Arrival and Spirited Away. Story telling is one of my favourite things to do and all of these books and films are so very clever at telling stories in their own way, I highly recommend them.

I studied Film Studies at Oxford Brookes University and I enjoyed it greatly! Oxford is a beautiful city and I enjoyed living there very much.

Teaching is something which I enjoy greatly. I currently help young children at a local school with their English and Maths. I love working with these children and seeing them grow and develop their skills! At university I actually studied Japanese for a year, despite it being difficult I found it fun and interesting. Learning Japanese from scratch was a bit scary and I was quite shy at first. Therefore, I can understand what it feels like to study a new language and how daunting it can be to practice speaking it. I promise that I am a patient and understanding teacher who will try what I can to help you feel comfortable in speaking English.

Whilst I was at Secondary school (High School) I joined the Japanese club, there we watched Japanese films, like 'Swing Girls' and 'Water Boys', and learnt all about Japan and its vast culture. Chika, who would run the club, would also teach us a little Japanese and bring in delicious Japanese snacks and food. One of my favourite foods is Onigiri, I love its simplicity and how it is the perfect snack when travelling. My love for Japanese food has encouraged me to try cooking Japanese food myself. Currently I'm trying to cook ramen from scratch, it's proving a little difficult since in England we don't have some of the ingredients you can easily find in Japan but I'm trying my best.
One day I would love to visit Japan and experience this amazing country for myself. Until then I would love to teach you all about the UK and the culture here. If you would like to practice casual speaking or if you are practicing for an English test I would love to help you the best I can.

If you also enjoy films, books and cooking lets chat and develop your English together!
趣味 Traveling, Film, Reading, Photography, cooking
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スタッフからのご紹介 イギリス・ダービーシャー出身のローレン先生は映画学を専攻していた、クリエイティブな思考を持つお茶目な性格の先生です。



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