Thank you for your lesson. I enjoyed talking with you. I must practice English more. I will my best.
Irene R.先生 04/26
I'm really sorry. My computer crashed all of a sudden, but I contacted my computer company and was able to fix it. I was so disappointed that I missed your lesson. I'm going to book your next lesson after the Golden Week. see you. and sorry again.
Roseli I.先生 04/26
Thank you for your patient lesson, Gez. I need more time and practice to recover and improve my English speaking skill. I'll try my best. See you.
Gezelle C.先生 04/25
Today was our 1st lesson, so we talked several things. She is very kindly and good person, so i enjoyed her class. Thanks Vicky see you again :)
Victoria M.先生 04/25
Fenny V.先生 04/25
She read another interesting book. Plus, she learned how to say when her teeth fell off in English. Thank you for everything. See you next time.
Lily H.先生 04/25
I could have a delightful time with you today also. Today's topic was difficult but intriguing for me. I look forward to seeing you again.
Cate R.先生 04/25
Mrs. Eileen, it's very nice to meet you today, and thank you for teaching me very useful new phrases. I'll practice them again and again until I can apply them to a real conversation when receiving a phone call. Hope to talk to you soon! Have a nice day.
Eileen W.先生 04/25
Thank you very much your kindness.
Lea T.先生 04/25
Thank you very much. See you soon.
Vaish S.先生 04/25


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名前:Kerstin V. 国籍:オーストラリア
日本語:入門 居住地:Japan
講師経験年数:3年未満 キッズ: OK
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エイゴックス登録日 2016年5月17日
ニックネーム: Tin (ティン)
自己紹介 Hello!
My name is Kerstin.
I am 28 years old. I'm from Melbourne, Australia but I currently live here in Japan teaching English. Before coming here I was a nurse working in the Emergency department.

I enjoy traveling, reading, going to the beach,watching rugby, food- cooking and eating, and meeting new people.
I'm an outgoing, friendly and positive person. I enjoy meeting new people because I am passionate about learning different cultures and being open to different experiences.

Teaching English for me is not just enjoyable in the sense where I can meet new people, but I feel that it benefits the teacher and student, both by opening communication and bridging the different cultures. English is widely used all over the world, and I feel that having some understanding of it will make us all better communicators.
Also now Japan is becoming a very high tourist country, with more foreigners visiting, speaking and understanding english is beneficial , especially with the Olympics and Rugby World Cup events coming soon.

So far living in Japan I have enjoyed every minute! I enjoy the food, the scenery, but most importantly I enjoy connecting with the people. I live in a very little village where English is not spoken, but everyone I have met has been amazing and super friendly!

I am excited to be your tutor and I can't wait to meet you!





趣味 Traveling, Reading, Beach, Outdoors activities, TV, Cooking/Eating
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  • 時事英語

スタッフからのご紹介 オーストラリア・メルボルン出身のケルスティン先生はハキハキ明るく、活発な性格の先生です。現在は兵庫県に住んでおられます。