Thank you for your lesson. Today is Lesson8,I was introduing my hobbies. I and you like Japanese manga. So talking with you was exciting and I enjoyed it very much. I would like to talk with you again about Japanese manga.
Rochelle P.先生 06/26
Great Great Great
Katherine T.先生 06/26
I could learn lots of words and phrase today. I should be able to use them naturally. Thank you so much, Evelyn!
Evelyn S.先生 06/26
Teacher Namiko gave me great advices. I knew what I should do. My goal seems to be very far, but thanks to her encouragement, I can challenge. She is a wonderful teacher, especially for Eiken. I recommend her to the test takers.
Namiko S.先生 06/26
Hiromi A.先生 06/26
It was nice talking to you again. It wss good to remind me that we will get bored of playing games someday. I may return my son's game part after doing hus homework. I checked the movie schedule, it will be out the end of August in Japan. It's too slow, right. The article we read is quite interesting. The writer knows a lot about Japanese English education. I will see you again. Thank you.
Eileen W.先生 06/26
It was so enjoyable to talk with Howard-sensei. Today we talked about English teaching in Japan and also cultural and language differences.
Howard W.先生 06/26
We reviewed some idioms from our past lessons. "To hit the road","to jog someone's memory","It's like talking to a brick wall," and "sink or swim," - it's more difficult to explain them with my words than to kind of understand. So making original examples is worth working to improve my speaking skills. Thank you :)
Samantha L.先生 06/26
When I writing something, I use Micro Soft Word on windows10. It teaches me spelling errors in case of I make a mistake. Some IME(Input Method Editor) predicts next word which the user likely input. There are so many templates when you would like to write something in the internet. All of them are very useful but at the same time, they are boring. The slip of the tongue or mishear are always king of comedy as you know. I don’t know why but everybody can easily get laugh when they heard someone do that. All the same when they meets the spelling errors of misunderstanding of the word. I wish someone would create AI engine that inducing the user to do the spelling errors. Otherwise, we will lose a one of good copy of comedy.
Froulaine A.先生 06/26
I enjoyed your lesson. I was happy that I talked about my happy days to you. Thank you for listening to my story kindly. See you soon!
Deborah A.先生 06/25
 2013年人気コンテストNo.1 Chris(クリス)先生からのメッセージ

2014年12月に『第2回 エイゴックス人気講師コンテスト』が開催され、今年はSamantha(サマンサ)先生が


[ サマンサからのメッセージ ]

I feel very lucky to have met so many amazing people through teaching with Eigox!

I really want to help each and every student reach his or her goals.
I try very hard to make sure the environment is relaxed and respectful to encourage
my students to speak as much as possible.

I am very impressed with the Japanese - hard-workers, dedicated, friendly and very polite.
I have had the pleasure of teaching with Eigox for over a year now and truly love the experience.

While teaching my students English, they have shared with me a lot about the food, the culture
and about their way of life. I am very grateful for this exchange of knowledge!
Japan is such a unique society and I’m very excited to visit again in the future.






このようにお互いの知識を教え合うことができて、とても幸せに感じています! 日本はとてもユニークな国なので、


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*** 写真ギャラリー ***

☆ Elephant Nature Parkにて / タイ(チェンマイ) ☆
☆ Elephant Nature Parkにて/タイ(チェンマイ) ☆

☆ 山歩きにて / カナダ(アサバスカ氷河) ☆
☆ 山歩きにて/カナダ(アサバスカ氷河) ☆

☆ 野菜売りの女性と一緒に / ベトナム ☆
☆ 野菜売りの女性と一緒に/ベトナム ☆

☆ とても人懐っこい犬と一緒に / タイ ☆
☆ とても人懐っこい犬と一緒に/タイ ☆

☆ 動物虐待防止協会で救済した犬と一緒に / カナダ(キャンモア) ☆
☆ 動物虐待防止協会から救済した犬と一緒に/カナダ(キャンモア) ☆

☆ 大自然の中で / カナダ(キャンモア) ☆
☆ 大自然の中で/カナダ(キャンモア) ☆

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