After chatting on the weather and the election of Japan, I read a news about Catalonia. It was a bit difficult for me. But with your help, I got a important information. Thank you Gabriel!
Gabriel L.先生 10/22
Tutor Jessie,thank you for your lesson! I really enjoyed it.And I Learned a lot of things. See you next time!!^^
Jessie D.先生 10/22
Her lesson was fun! She seemed to know EIKEN test and asked me some questions related to it in a natural way. Her ways to expand the conversation actually enabled me to give some opinions to those questions well.
Joan M.先生 10/22
She talked about the educational system in her country, so I noticed the difference from Japanese one. Also, I got the time to talk about the Japanese system. Overall, I had a good conversation with her. Time flies.
Jessie D.先生 10/22
I told her that I would have some topics related to EIKEN, an English test in Japan, which I guessed that she didn't know. However, to my surprise, she prepared a suitable topic for EIKEN test. It was really kind of her.
Novida R.先生 10/22
Jessie and I talked about adolescence in today's lesson, which I enjoyed. I look forward to having a lesson with you. Bye.
Jessie D.先生 10/22
Thanks Daria! I always enjoy lessons with you. I like your natural speed of English. It is good training for me, although you may be able to change it according to students even with Japanese. I also like your colorful explanations. I feel like we always run short of time because of being absorbed in chatting. Finally I would like to thank your careful follow-up even after the lesson, for instance, by sending relevant materials/links. Looking forward to talking with you next time.
Daria L.先生 10/22
とても丁寧に説明して頂きました。 不明なところもはっきり言っていただけたので分かり易かったです。
Mai K.先生 10/22
Thank you for today's class! It's raining so hard today in Tokyo, so the wi-fi is not good condition, but the lesson was fun. I'm looking forward the next lesson!
Joyce AN.先生 10/22
Thank you for the lesson. I really enjoyed the conversation with you. See you next time.
Carmela N.先生 10/22

2016年12月に『第4回 エイゴックス人気講師コンテスト』が開催され、アメリカ出身のデイジー先生が驚異的なレッスン数(3日間で81レッスン!)を提供し、見事優勝されました!


*** デイジーからのメッセージ ***

Dear students.
I am so happy to have you in my life. Thank you for helping me win this competition. You were very supportive and encouraging and I couldn't have done it without you! I have to express my gratitude and appreciation to you all. In our conversations and studies, you have allowed me to explore Japan in all of its dimensions. I learned about your culture from a sociological, anthropological, historical and psychological viewpoint. You taught me about food, religion and we even explored and compared our languages and the ways we express love. It's been an amazing journey to take together. I am sure we'll continue to learn and grow together in the future.
Everyone, thank you again. Have the best year possible and see you in class!
All my love,





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