Nice to meet you, Carla. I appreciate your selection of the article. To read an article which I don't expect makes me to form an opinion and idea about it. Thank you for your lesson. See you. Bye.
Carla C.先生 09/23
Hi, Eden. Nice seeing to you. Thank you for your selection of the topic. We had a discussion about itinerants. Saki Kitano, who was the mother of the Japanese movie director, said that poverty runs in the family like chain reaction and that education can break the chain. That's what is needed for those itinerants. Thank you for your lesson. I really enjoyed it. See you soon. Bye.
Eden M.先生 09/23
Nice talking with you.
Holly J.先生 09/23
She moved her lesson smoothly.We could finished all our text.Thanks a lot.
Novida R.先生 09/23
This was the first time to have a lesson here. Although I was nervous to talk with a native teacher, Roger is very kind and friendly, so I relaxed and enjoy talking with him. Since once I turned off the skpe for a while, he extended our lesson. Roger is learning Japanese so he understands my feeling difficulties among foreigners who speak English fluently. I really had good time. Thank you.
Roger D.先生 09/23
Thank you so much. See you soon.
Ben C.先生 09/23
Yan san's teaching lesson is very good. She gave advice appropriate point to me about pronunciation.
Lyan R.先生 09/23
His lesson is full of kindness and energy. My son(11 years boy) really likes to have his lesson! He learned new words" argument""teenager"
Kenneth R.先生 09/23
I knew one of Philippine tradetions. It was very interesting. I enjoyed listening to the story of trees, fruits, vegetables in Philippin. Thank you.
Roseli I.先生 09/23
Thank you for your wonderful lesson! I and my son enjoyed his lesson a lot!! His lesson cheered us up! I recommend his vibrant lesson!!
Kenneth R.先生 09/23

2016年12月に『第4回 エイゴックス人気講師コンテスト』が開催され、アメリカ出身のデイジー先生が驚異的なレッスン数(3日間で81レッスン!)を提供し、見事優勝されました!


*** デイジーからのメッセージ ***

Dear students.
I am so happy to have you in my life. Thank you for helping me win this competition. You were very supportive and encouraging and I couldn't have done it without you! I have to express my gratitude and appreciation to you all. In our conversations and studies, you have allowed me to explore Japan in all of its dimensions. I learned about your culture from a sociological, anthropological, historical and psychological viewpoint. You taught me about food, religion and we even explored and compared our languages and the ways we express love. It's been an amazing journey to take together. I am sure we'll continue to learn and grow together in the future.
Everyone, thank you again. Have the best year possible and see you in class!
All my love,





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